What You Need to Know About Habits Nutrition

habit nutrition

The Habit Nutrition business is based in Irvine, California and offers a healthy alternative to traditional fast food. The company markets itself as a healthy alternative to junk food that promotes weight loss and “cutting the fat out of your food”. It markets itself as a place where people can get great burgers with fresh vegetables. But is it really a healthy food choice?

The Habit Nutrition business has been around since 1998. However, some sources indicate that it was founded in Irvine in 1998. In an effort to market their product as a healthy alternative to unhealthy food choices, the company produces and distributes a variety of healthy shakes. The company is also known to market a variety of other popular fast food snack foods as well.

Healthy Eating Food Groups

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To see larger body results, we should look at the recommendations for these shakes. The nutrition facts panel on the home page contains information about the Habits Healthy Eating Shake, including the amount of calories, protein, fat, and fiber contained in the product. There are also other nutrition groups listed. For example, the beverage aisle lists diet soda, energy drinks, fruit juices, milk products, peanut butter and granola bars. These items all fall into one of the Habits Healthy Eating food groups.

The nutrition group that the Habits Healthy Eating Shake falls under is “ohydration”. Under this group, the next item after protein is listed, along with a link to the nutrition facts panel for that group. Under the protein category, there are several different options. The top option would be the Myoplex Opti-X Healthome Adult Opti-X Protein and Bodybuilding Supplement.

Habits Healthy Activity Level

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The fourth option in the personalized nutrition plan is the Habits Healthy Activity Level. This is also under the health test results group. Under the Habits Healthy Activity Level, you will see links to the test results and personalized nutrition plans for each of the Habits levels. At each level, there is a picture of an animal that is closely related to the activity level. Some of the activities in the test results include: cycling, swimming, hiking, biking, running, golf, martial arts, yoga, dancing, martial arts, running, bicycling, dancing, hiking, cross-country skiing, tennis, martial arts, skiing, swimming, rowing, aerobics, and biking.

After this information is displayed, you would look at the Habits Healthy Eating and Exercise Recommendations. Under the recommendations for the exercise group, you will see links to test results and personalized nutrition plans for each of the Habits levels.

Under the exercise group, there are links to the test results and activity level recommendations for those levels. Finally, there are links to the actual test pages for the Habits categories. There are also links under each category for more information about each of the categories. In all cases, the link under each of the links provides further information about that particular category of Habits.


By clicking on the test results and the personalized recommendations under the Habits Healthy Activity Level and Habits Healthy Eating and Exercise groups, you will be taken to a site where you can enter your details and order the products. You can adjust the settings so that your results appear as an average from several people. You will see larger headlines with the highest and lowest activity levels and a summary of the data so you can easily compare your scores with others. In addition, you can also see larger pictures of the foods you can choose from. You can order the foods on the nutrition facts panel in the same way that you would order the foods in the grocery store.

By using the Personalized Nutrition Planner, you can follow the food choices that you have made and customize the food choices that will meet your goals for reducing your calorie intake and increasing your muscle mass, as well as following the recommended dietary guidelines. The software will send you an email when the new order status is updated.

Final Verdict

When the order is complete, it will display a shipping label so you know just where to mail the customized nutrition plan. You can also monitor your progress by logging into the website at any time. You can track how many times you enter or leave the website so you can keep track of your successes and failures as you try to meet your personal goals using the Habits Nutrition Planner.

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