Motivation for a Positive Lifestyle Change

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Do you find it tough to adopt a positive lifestyle? These motivation tips will help you. 

i1. Learn A New Skill

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We spend our years as youths constantly learning and being educated, only for it all to come to a quiet end once we have graduated from college or university. Make it your resolution to try and pick up a new skill, or at least start learning one! Try a new language, head to a cooking class or take a course in a completely new subject that interests you.

2. Get Seriously Organised

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A tidy life is a tidy mind, and we couldn’t agree more. Living among physical clutter can sometimes affect how you feel mentally.

Make it your goal to spend a day in January clearing out your home, getting rid of junk and shredding old documents that you no longer need. It’s amazing how it can free your mind and give you a positive feeling.

3. Go Somewhere New

The same routine can get stale and uninspiring so make it your goal to explore as many new places as your annual leave can allow you this year! Go and see more of your own country on weekends, and use bank holidays to take a city break. Although it may seem like a lot of effort and expense, you don’t have to break the bank and you’ll be thankful in the long run. Travel feeds the mind and is good for the soul.

4. Drink More Water

Easy to do yet so many of us are dehydrated and don’t drink nearly enough water as we should and it can have damaging effects on your mind and motivation.

Not only does it keep your organs ticking over nicely, it’s great for clearing up your skin and increasing your concentration levels.

Try adding lemon for even more health benefits, it’s also worth investing in a good quality sports bottle for on-the-go to stop you reaching for the usual Starbucks on your daily commute!

5. Read More Books

We are so consumed by technology these days (which is great, don’t get us wrong) but sometimes it’s nice to stop and zone out for a while. Get lost in a good book and forget about the world around you for an evening. Set a goal of a book a month to try and motivate you!

6. Take up Pilates

It’s a great way to keep fit but also a relaxing form of meditation. Allowing you to zone out and clear your mind. A weekly class is much cheaper than a full gym membership, and it’s a good overall workout for your body.

With a focus on strengthening your core, it also works out your legs, glutes and stabilizes your back. It can be a particularly good activity for those with bad back problems.

 7. Get More Sleep

So whilst you want to be exploring new places, and getting stuck into new skills, it’s super important to have a solid sleeping routine.

With our increasingly busy lives we often don’t get nearly enough sleep as we should, which can have a major impact on our general mood and daily motivation.

These tips will help you lead a healthy and happy lifestyle.

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