Lifestyle Diseases: 6 Habits To Avoid For Healthy Life -

Lifestyle Diseases: 6 Habits To Avoid For Healthy Life

Lifestyle Diseases: 6 Habits To Avoid For Healthy Life

There is a tendency in today’s society to consider not following certain healthy habits in lifestyles as a clear detriment to health that causes Lifestyle Diseases.

Certain habits labeled as healthy, among which we could cite breakfast every day, shower daily, always get up at the same time or perform yoga, are a good example of this phenomenon. The culture of healthy floods everything and requires us to adapt our lives, in all its aspects, to operating patterns that are presumed healthy. However, in such dynamics, there can be a misrepresentation of what is really essential when it comes to proposing a recommended lifestyle and free of additional risks, which is basically avoiding harmful risk or disease behaviors.

Lifestyle Diseases: 6 Habits To Avoid For Healthy Life

Lifestyle Diseases: 6 Habits To Avoid For Healthy Life

There is probably no person who is able to observe rigorous compliance with the endless number of interesting tips that can be formulated for health protection. In addition, the vast majority of human beings perform daily “risky” acts and clearly contrary to the spirit of a strictly “healthy” behavior, unavoidable in general: driving cars, working outside the home, cooking, riding in the bathtub, playing sports, transport heavy loads, go up or downstairs, etc.

It is not really possible to generalize the idea that the non-practice of something that is supposed to be beneficial for health constitutes per se a harmful habit, although we deprive ourselves of the benefit it can bring us. Rather, the harmful habit is the one that causes us verifiable damage in the short or long term, or that puts us at risk of getting a serious illness, and as such we have to understand it.

Risk Habits – Lifestyle Diseases

In what we would call risky habits (driving recklessly, practicing unsafe sex, etc.), the danger of suffering damage is increased by the practice of activity in poor security conditions.

Toxic Habits – Lifestyle Diseases

Their production is because of the consumption of a harmful substance that increases risks across all fronts. Among these habits, the logical reason for consumption relates to all types of drugs. Tobacco and alcohol, due to their large extension in society, generally cause the most harm.

Harmful Habits – Lifestyle Diseases

There are many harmful habits, but we could classify them into two main types:

Tobacco, The Everlasting Harmful Habit

Smoking is a world health problem of the first order because it is the first addiction in the contemporary world and has a proven honor to cause more than 25 serious diseases. It is also the cause of a very high number of premature deaths worldwide (approximately 4 million a year). Estimates state that around 500 million of the 1.2 billion smokers that exist in the world will die. This means that practically one in two smokers will die before old age arrives. The problem is even greater if one takes into account a large number of people. They, due to family or work cohabitation, force themselves to breathe contaminate tobacco smoke. These are passive smokers. Studies have shown that they are equally harmful.

Improper Feeding

The consideration states that an inadequate diet favors diseases. This includes obesity and atherosclerosis, among other possible diseases. A healthy diet must keep in mind foods rich in fiber. This may include whole-wheat bread, fruits, vegetables, legumes, nuts, etc. Moreover, an adequate global proportion of carbohydrates, fats, and proteins are appropriate. Additionally, considerations for adequate quantities must also remain in order

A diet with excessive calories, fats or carbohydrates leads to obesity. This is especially true in the absence of proper and regular exercise. However, obesity favors multiple health disorders. Among these, insulin resistance syndrome (the key to diabetes) and cardiovascular diseases stand out.

Risk Habits

Lifestyle Diseases: 6 Habits To Avoid For Healthy Life

Lifestyle Diseases: 6 Habits To Avoid For Healthy Life

Within the other large group of unhealthy habits, we find risk behaviors. Additionally, we understand as such those that increase the possibility of suffering injuries or illnesses. Therefore, in this section, it is mandatory to mention the three risk behaviors practiced every day. They cause more damage and mortality in developed societies.

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