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Best Life And Style Magazines

Life and style magazine has a great impact on people’s contemporary lives. They inform, they give ideas, they inspire the most creative and who want to be more updated in the fashion scene.

Best Life And Style Magazines
Best Life And Style Magazines

Therefore, we gather the best life and style magazine so you can read and enjoy the best content there is.

1. Vogue

Vogue Mexico And Latin Americas – the best life and style magazine

Born in 1892, Vogue is a US life and style magazine and, without a doubt, the most influential magazine in the world. Also considered as the “fashion bible”, this magazine offers you the most recent and hot news of the famous textile industry. You can also count on the most influential advice, launching trends and reporting of the parades of the moment.

Generally, it’s available in physical format, Vogue is available in Mexico and Latino Americas.

2. Elle

Elle Mexico – a life and style magazine

This is one of the best selling life and style magazine ever. Founded in 1945 in France, Elle already has 44 editions of companies worldwide and 37 websites. Moreover, this magazine has a lot of authority in the fashion universe and privileged access to internationally renowned designers, models, photographers and more.

In Latin America, it is available in the Mexican or Argentine version.

3. Harper’s Bazaar

Harper’s Bazaar Mexico – good life and style magazine

This is a US magazine and one of the oldest life and style magazine in the world, first published in 1867. In Mexico and Latin America, it was launched in 1980 and, therefore, is the first lifestyle magazine launched in the Latin continent. The magazine is based in Mexico City, with fashion and beauty collaborators worldwide.

Additionally, it is distributed throughout Latin America, including Mexico, Panama, Peru, Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador, Honduras, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Ecuador, El Salvador, and Costa Rica. Argentina, Brazil, and Chile have their own local editions.

For its website, Harper’s Bazaar is available in the Mexican domain.

4. L’Officiel

L’Oficciel Mexico

L’Officiel is a proudly French magazine. Created in Paris, France, in 1921, this magazine focuses on content for women between the ages of 25 and 50. Moreover, fashion, beauty, art and culture, even men, are some themes that you can read in this editorial work. Additionally, Latin America is represented by Mexico and Argentina.

Moreover, you have available the websites of L’Officiel Mexico and Argentina.

5. Cosmopolitan

Cosmopolitan Chile

Best Life And Style Magazines
Best Life And Style Magazines

“Cosmo” is its other name across women’s lives and style magazine launched in 1886 originally with the title The Cosmopolitan. It focuses on topics such as fashion and beauty, health, entertainment and much more. Cosmopolitan has a publication in more than 80 countries around the world and in Latin America. Additionally, representation comes from Mexico and Chile as well.

You can check its contents in Mexico and Chile.

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