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Famous Men Lifestyle Magazines

There are currently plenty of lifestyle magazines especially men lifestyle magazine that is marketed in the world and that touch on topics of interest to men. From culture, fashion, society, and so many more topics come under these lifestyle magazines. it is the bulletin of daily news which introduced with the new world every day.

Famous Men Lifestyle Magazines
Famous Men Lifestyle Magazines

1) “Playboy.” – the famous men lifestyle magazines

 It is the best-selling magazine in the world since its contents are intended for men who like luxury items, fashion, cars, technology, art, culture, travel and, above all, beautiful women around the world.

2) “Penthouse”. good men lifestyle magazine

This was one of the main competitors of “Playboy”, however, as of 2006, “Penthouse” began to suffer heavy losses, declaring itself in broken banking in subsequent years.

3) “Maxim.” 

It is an international magazine but is based in the United Kingdom. Its popularity is due to the revealing photographs of women from the entertainment world; however, they never appear completely naked. It was founded in 1995 and its publication is monthly.

4) “Fhm”. 

For Him Magazine is the monthly magazine. It was first published in the United Kingdom in 1985.

Its content is mainly about fashion and men’s clothing, but it also deals with cultural, lifestyle, sports and, above all, stories and sexual tips.

5) “Open.” a new men lifestyle magazine

This Mexican magazine has 8 years of circulation in the country. It focuses on all those gentlemen who like fashion and culture.

In its interior pages, you can also find sexy photographs of celebrities and models.

6) “Interviú” a special men lifestyle magazine

It is a weekly Spanish magazine that shows photographs of topless women on their covers.

It was founded in 1976 and its fort is reported, exclusive, scandals, famous, famous and, of course, naked girls.

7) “Gq”.

With the latest trends in men’s fashion, news, girls’ galleries and technological advances, this magazine are available in Europe and America.

It was founded in 1957 and is considered more sophisticated than its competition: “Maxim” and “FHM”.

8) “Esquire.” a special men lifestyle magazine

Focused more on culture and lifestyle. This international men’s magazine was created in 1933 and is published monthly.

Within its pages, you can also admire photographs of models and world celebrities.

9) “Men’s Health.” terrific men lifestyle magazine

Famous Men Lifestyle Magazines
Famous Men Lifestyle Magazines

It is the men lifestyle magazine that seeks to cover all aspects of male life, dealing with topics such as fitness, nutrition, lifestyle, and sexuality.

It is the largest magazine out of all lifestyle magazine in the world and the most sold in the United States as well as a few other countries.

10) “Sports Illustrated.” compact men lifestyle magazine

This weekly magazine focuses on sports topics and photographs of girls.

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