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Development: 5 Tips For Development In Children

5 Tips For Healthy Development In Children

When children are born, the size of their brains is only 25% of the size it will reach in adulthood. Imagine how much learning capacity our children will discover as they grow up!

5 Tips For Healthy Development In Children
5 Tips For Healthy Development In Children

According to specialists, after three years, the children’s brain has already reached 90% of its development. And this is what makes it so important that during the first three years of our children’s lives, we will strive to stimulate them to their full potential, to encourage their creativity and curiosity. This is a great opportunity for parents to form healthy habits that will last a lifetime.

Personally, I think we are always on time to inculcate in our children good habits, the sooner we start the better. So today I bring you some suggestions for the healthy development of children up to five years.

Encourage Interaction For Development

A child develops according to the experiences lived. To encourage interaction, not only with you but with the rest of the people around you, respond quickly to your child’s needs; always speak to him in a soft and slow voice. Relate to him from your inner child, who is deep within you, pushing to leave and that from the birth of your son, he will have an incredible playmate. Talk to your little one, no matter that he doesn’t understand all the meaning of your words, this will help him in the development of the language later.

Offer Your Love Through Physical Contact

Embracing and kissing our children encourages positive emotional growth. And although it seems obvious, it seems important to highlight the importance of being soft and sensitive in demonstrations of affection with our babies. Offer delicate massages, on the little plants of their little feet, on their little hands, on their backs and rejoice with their smiles of satisfaction. When you breastfeed, notice it, the looks say a lot.

Help In Strong Self-Esteem Development

If they believe in themselves, they will be powerful beings, willing to fight for their dreams and goals. Help them find a way to spread their own wings, strengthening their self-esteem.

Celebrate that your child is unique from the moment he is born, value his identity and encourage him in his best facets. Praise him with positive comments and respect him.

Play With Your Child

It is not necessary to deploy expensive early stimulation toys to incentivize play in your child. A walk in the garden of your house, while you show all the wonders that live in it is a good start.

The recreational activity provides our children with an incredible outlet for imagination and encourages creativity. Participate in their games with everyday objects, you will see how many things you learn from your little one every day.

Share Reading Children’s Books

5 Tips For Healthy Development In Children
5 Tips For Healthy Development In Children

Reading to our children is a wonderful way to spend quality time together. Try to do it every day, enjoying beautiful and colorful images while you have it in your arms. Repeat the short sentences, so you can associate the words with the images, and if you dare, write a story for your child, show it and keep it for when he is bigger.

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